Head over to the integrations page to connect your Gmail account.* You can connect as many accounts as you'd like. 

*Note: You do have to click through their scary warning b/c we aren't yet approved.

When you set up the integration we create a label for you in Gmail called Taskable. Any email you label as Taskable gets sent to your Signals inbox. 

To label an email in Gmail, see above. The 'Move to' button (left) archives the message, while the Label button (right) just adds the label and leaves it in your inbox. Or, if you are in list view on Gmail just right click on the email you want to send to Taskable and add the label (see below).

Then the next time you log into Taskable you'll see the email subject in the New section on Actions. You can even link back to the original email from within the Action itself to follow up or get more information.

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