We segmented our lists to help you keep things front of mind that need your attention (Today, In Progress, Upcoming), while pushing things down your priorities if they don't require your attention (Upcoming). We also have New to remind you of new things that have come in that need to be organized.

Here's how it works:

  1. Today are the things you want to today
  2. In Progress are things that are ongoing but perhaps you are blocked or waiting on something. So if your Action is to write a blog, for example, the first step is draft, the second step is to get feedback, and the third step post. You might check of the Draft step, but then the get feedback step is up to someone else, and it might be ongoing for a couple days. So you move it into the in progress state while you wait for them and move on to the next step of posting.
  3. To Do - everything that is in scope - this is automated based on the due date and size of the task - extra-large ones show up here 2 weeks before they are do, whereas small ones end up there the day before.
  4. New - every new Action that you create in Taskable or from your integrations
  5. Upcoming - things that are not due for weeks or months that you don't need to devote much brain space to.
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