Often conversations in Slack turn into a project or action item. Then you have to remember to add it into your list of things to get done. With our Slack integration you can quickly and easily turn those plans into Actions. First make sure the Slack integration is installed (here's how to set it up).

1. Hover over the message you want to save to Taskable as an Action and the menu will appear. Click on the More actions menu (the three vertical dots pictured below)

2. Scrolls down to where it says Create an Action Taskable. If you don't see if there, click on the More message shortcuts button and you'll find it in that list. Once you use it then it will move further up the list.

3. That will pop open a form for you to create an Action. By default, the description will populate with the message you hovered over.

4. Next time you log into Taskable, you'll see that Action under the New list and you can add it to a Space, set a due date, etc.

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