The Jira integration syncs all issues assigned to you in Jira to your Taskable Inbox. We also have two-way syncing between Jira and Taskable, meaning the following fields will autosync when updated in Taskable or Jira:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Marking as complete

How to set up the Jira integration

Step 1: Navigate to the Integrations page

Step 2: Select the Jira button

Step 3: Select which Jira account you'd like to set up, and click Accept

Step 4 (optional): Scroll down to the newly created integration, and sync any existing issues - you can select to sync everything from one week prior, one month prior, or all existing open tasks.

Step 5: Find the newly created Jira issues in your Taskable Inbox on your board

How the Jira integration works

🆕 Once set up, all newly created issues assigned to you in Jira will begin syncing to Taskable.

⏪ You can import existing issues once you've set up the integration. You can even choose how far back you want to sync from.

🔄 Two way syncing means changes made in Jira or in Taskable will sync. This includes due date, description.

Frequently asked questions

Can I set up multiple Jira accounts?

Yes, absolutely. Set up as many as you'd like.

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