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Sync all issues to Taskable so you can view everything in one place.

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The Jira integration syncs all issues assigned to you in Jira to your Taskable Inbox. We also have two-way syncing between Jira and Taskable, meaning the following fields will autosync when updated in Taskable or Jira:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Marking as complete

For more information, you can check out our JIRA integration post here.

How to set up the Jira integration

Step 2: Select the Jira button

Step 3: Select which Jira account you'd like to set up, and click Accept

Step 4 (optional): Scroll down to the newly created integration, and sync any existing issues - you can select to sync everything from one week prior, one month prior, or all existing open tasks.

Step 5: Find the newly created Jira issues in your Taskable Inbox on your board

How the Jira integration works

πŸ†• Once set up, all newly created issues assigned to you in Jira will begin syncing to Taskable.

βͺ You can import existing issues once you've set up the integration. You can even choose how far back you want to sync from.

πŸ”„ Two way syncing means changes made in Jira or in Taskable will sync. This includes due date, description.

Frequently asked questions

Can I set up multiple Jira accounts?

Yes, absolutely. Set up as many as you'd like.

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