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Sync flagged emails to Taskable so you can deal with them late

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The Taskable Outlook email integration syncs all flagged emails to your Taskable inbox. Stop letting your inbox dictate your priorities, and push them into Taskable: your single source of truth.

Once you've set up the integration, you are all set - start flagging messages right away.

For more information about the Outlook Email integration, you can check out our Integration post here.

How to set up the Outlook email integration

Step 2: Select Outlook email from the integrations dropdown

Step 3: Start flagging emails to sync them to Taskable

How the Outlook email integration works

🏳 Flag messages you want to sync in Outlook

πŸ“₯ They will appear in your Taskable inbox


Can I set up multiple Outlook accounts?

Yes, you can integrate with as many as you'd like!

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