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How to Sort Your To-Do List in Taskable?
How to Sort Your To-Do List in Taskable?

Struggling to decide which task to tackle first? It's time to set up your priorities!

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When adding a task, you have the ability to set up a priority based on your requirements. On the topmost portion of the pop-up window, click the ‘High’ button to set the level of priority for the task. Click from any of the dropdown options ‘None’, ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, or ‘High’. Once done, close the window. The priority level will be automatically saved.

You can also do this on any existing task on your To-do List that you want to prioritize. Simply click the task to set up the priority level.

Next, go back to your To-do List, click the ‘Sort by Priority’ button, click on ‘Priority’ and the tasks will be automatically sorted from highest to lowest priority level. You also have the option to prioritize according to the date ‘Created’ and ‘Due Date’.

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